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Master Artist


QUOTE: “If you don’t love what you’re doing you’re just cutting hair.”
SPECIALTIES: All things color and Certified in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
EXPERIENCE: Lifetime passion, 23 years behind the chair, 6 years Paul Mitchell National Educator, 11 years Salon Owner
Why work at Headcases? Well beyond the fact that I am the owner of Headcases and it may be sending the wrong message if I were to work at a different salon…LOL. Headcases is the most creative and artistic environment, and our passion for our craft fuels everything we do. As a team, we seek out inspiration and ways to keep ourselves growing and challenging
When you’re not doing hair you’re..? I’m a big kid and I love to play. So any free time I get is spent hanging out with my family and 12 year old daughter, Layla. In the summer you can find me at the pool or beach and, in the winter, we have to get a bit more creative. Bottom line, life is precious and I try to experience all it has to offer.
What’s your approach with new clients? I LOVE NEW CLIENTS!! Typically, a new guest is unhappy with what they have been experiencing, and I love the opportunity to step up and wow the socks off someone! I believe the most important part of any salon service is the consultation. I am a self-proclaimed consultation guru. I believe if you spend the time really asking the right questions and getting to know someone it’s that much easier to come up with the perfect look for them.
What makes you happy as a hairstylist? That twinkle in my guest’s eye when I turn them around and they see themselves after I just gave them a new look. Nothing is better. (Sometimes I even get a hug!)
What are hair must-haves for your clients? First and foremost, Paul Mitchell Irons—it is not possible to find a better iron for the price and your styling options are limitless! Every person should have a bottle of PM Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection and Super Strong Liquid Treatment to repair and smooth daily. Basically, if it’s Paul Mitchell you’re on the right track!
What are the benefits of cutting hair dry? I love cutting dry hair. At least 70% of my cutting is done after the blow dry! I am a visual cutter; I like to see where the hair naturally is going to fall and how it moves. Dry Cutting also allows me to see the color placement and how the lines and angles or texture I am adding is going to play with the color.
How would you sum up curly hair? AMAZING, FUN, SEXY! ...But you better know what you're doing when working with curly locks, oh and I do!
What are you main goals with clients? Education, I want to give my guest the tools they need to recreate all the looks we do in the salon.
What advice would you give someone who wants to change up their hairstyle? Let's talk! Most times people know they want a change, but have no idea what...that's where I come in!


Senior Artist


QUOTE: “Logic will take you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” A. Einstein
Color, Extensions (hair & lashes), Braids, Brows and Make-Up Application, Certified in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions and Lash Lift and Tint
EXPERIENCE: Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy Graduate, HeadCases - 4 Years
Why work at HeadCases? – I was blessed to begin my hair stylist journey at HeadCases as an assistant/apprentice while still in school.  I got to receive a double learning experience from school and the amazing mentors I had at the salon.  There are endless education opportunities and it is such a great atmosphere to be in.  I am encouraged to show my creativity each and every day.

When you’re not doing hair you’re…? –I am a yoga instructor and student. I love a spontaneous road trip or an adventurous hike with my husband and dog.

What makes you happy as a stylist? – I love meeting and developing relationships, so if I can develop a great bond with someone and see them look at themselves with that “I feel so awesome” smile then I know I did my job.

What’s your approach with new clients? – A good consultation!  I want to figure out their likes and dislikes about their hair, what they are looking to get out of the experience, and to give them their own personal hair style that keeps them coming back for more!

Any hair textures or lengths you really love working with? – I love a full head of long hair, but who doesn't? It is always great to show someone with thin hair that they do have options!!

What’s your main goal with clients? –To learn their hair and their lifestyle so I can prescribe the appropriate hair solution for them. I want to find the right balance so their hair is stressfree for them. If the client feels good, I feel good!

Describe your specialties and why you love them – When it comes to color, I love formulating; it is fun and challenging at the same time.  Making that perfect formula that turns out just how you want on someone is such a great feeling!  When it comes to doing makeup it is such a delight to teach and show someone that little changes can make such a difference and really boost their confidence!  When it comes down to it, I get to be an artist with all of these and that is what I really love and am passionate about.

What are some of your sources of hair inspiration – Pantone, nature, runway . . . inspiration is all around. I love going on a walk and finding inspiration along the way. It's all around us!

Describe your own personnel style – It is a rare thing to see me in anything but black.  I love black clothes.  I channel Audrey Hepburn but add a little bit of an “Emilie” edge to it.  Taking basic pieces and turning them up with great accessories or shoes is so much fun.  I am always changing my hair!  I love my hair long and short… and any chance I can have fun with color I am in!  You won’t find me rocking the same style for too long!  It is really fun to see how different looks can make you look and feel and I love that!

What advice would you give to someone in a hair rut? – Don’t change anything until you are sure you are ready!  Look at magazines, go on Pinterest, and ask your stylist for their expert opinion!  A lot of the time one has an idea and is just a little nervous for the change, I feel that with a good consultation we as stylists can give you that change you have been looking for.  Hair grows, you only live once, go for it when you’re ready!



Sarah Miller

Senior Artist

QUOTE: "Use what talent you possess, the woods would be very silent if no bird sang except those that sang best." Henry Van Dyke
SPECIALTIES: Lash perming & tinting, vintage styling (i.e. Pin-up hair and makeup), and I'm the Eyebrow Specialist.
EXPERIENCE: 18 years experience! I began my career in hair August 2000. I was an AIT Educator for TIGI in 2005. Completed a 6 day class in Corrective Coloring at Goldwell. Completed a 4 day advanced color and cutting class at the Toni & Guy Academy in NYC where I received hands-on training from a NAHA (North American Hairdressers Award) award recipient. Taken numerous classes from Paul Mitchell educators. Attended Buffalo hair show 3 separate years, and Baltimore hair show 2 separate years. I have also done hair and makeup for 2 Pin-up photo shoots.
What's your approach with new clients? I always make sure to have a thorough consultation regarding the past, present, and future of their hair. When did you like it best? What do you like about it now? What would you like to see your hair look like ideally? Then we talk likes and dislikes about past styles as well as presently. Lastly, I always give a complete step by step on how to recreate the look you leave the salon with at home.
What makes you happy as a hairstylist? Seeing someone who came in hating their hair leave loving it.
How would you sum up curly hair? Difficult. I've taken classes specializing in how to work with curly hair, as it can't be treated the same as straight hair. The layers need to be cut in a specific way so you don't end up with the dreaded pyramid shape when your hair dries. It needs products specially designed for curls, not mousse or crunchy gel. And, lastly, most people need to be taught how to work with their curls, as I'm saddened to hear that most curly girls have never been properly taught how to make it look beautiful. And it
IS beautiful, I love curls.
What advice would you give someone stuck in a "hair rut"? First of all, look back at pictures of yourself. If you have the exact same style as you did 5 years ago (or longer!), chances are, you need an update. Pictures are a great way to begin. Flip through hair magazines, and bring in any pictures that spark your interest. Also, ask your stylist. Most good stylists should be able to tell you what they think is going to be flattering on you. Always remember, it's just hair. It will grow!
What would you tell someone who's unsure about making a change to their hair?
It's just hair! My hair has been every color from platinum blonde to blue black. I've worn it in a pixie, and one-length past my shoulder blades. Hair is not permanent. A cut you don't like will grow out, color can be changed, and life will go on. That being said, I would never perform a chemical service if I felt it would cause irreparable damage to your hair. I'm also iffy about doing a major cut in response to a traumatic event (break-up or death). I may send you home to think about a major change, but I'm always excited to see you through the experience.
What do you love about being a hairstylist? I get to spend my days chatting with wonderful people and making them look beautiful. Who wouldn't love a job like that?
Most memorable hair-doing experience? The mother of one of my regular clients came to see me with a bad hair color and perm. She told her previous stylist that she wanted to go to her natural (and beautiful) white color, and grow out the perm. The stylist said her hair wouldn't work without the chemical services. I had her go home and wait another month. She came in for a cut, and we cut all the color off, most of the perm that was making her look older than she was, and gave her an adorable pixie cut. She left in tears because she was so happy. A week later, she sent me a box of chocolates with a card saying I had made
her feel beautiful for the first time in years. I still have the card.

Morgan Terry

Senior Artist

Certified in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions and trained in Dreadlocking
Why work at HeadCases? From the very first time I walked into HeadCases, it was a salon I wanted to call my home. The passion and artistry I saw from the stylists that work there was uplifting. The environment was inviting. HeadCases encourages you to be creative and pushes you to elevate yourself as an artist.
When you’re not doing hair you’re…? I'm a mom and a daughter. I spend most of my free time with my family. Moving from Houston, Texas to Erie was a humbling experience as an adult. All I have here is my family. Family is a number one priority in my life. I am who I am because of them!
How do you sum up curly hair? Curly hair is absolutely a dazzling monstrosity on top of your head. Each curl its own pattern, a unique fingerprint growing from your head!! Curls are challenging yet extraordinary. SOOOO in love with my curls.
What are hair must-haves for your clients? PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS! It is so important to have great products especially when you have lightened or colored hair. The only way we as stylists can guarantee the same results at home is using the same professional hair care regime. Invest in your hair. It's the crown you can never take off!
You've got some pretty sweet big hair there! What's your secret? A LOT of moisture. I love using the treatment oils that Paul Mitchell has because they are so hydrating. I DO treatments on my hair that will hydrate and strengthen my hair quarterly. I use heat protectant while using styling tools. I try to use the least amount of heat as possible. But, I always use professional styling products.
What do you love about being a hairstylist? I love the art. I always used to say, I wasn't very creative. I'm definitely no Picasso, but the way I see hair is as a canvas. A canvas to create unprecedented art. There are no limits to the art you can create on someone's head. You can create illusions with hair that are mind blowing. Love of beauty is taste . . . The creation of beauty is ART!

Senior Artist


Quote: Don't be afraid to start over . . . It's a chance to build something better!

Specialties: Short styles! I love adding lots of texture! Dimensional color. Certified in Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Experience: 17 years behind the chair.

Why Headcases: After working at another salon for a long time, I took a chance and made the move to Headcases. I am really looking forward to learning and growing with this amazing team!

What is your take on dry cutting? Dry hair doesn't lie!! You can see how the hair is going to lay and move.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to change their hairstyle? Try a different color, even if it is a subtle change. It can make a surprising difference.

When you are not behind the chair, what are you into? My husband and I have recently became empty nesters. In our spare time, we love to go hiking with our new puppy, travel and hang out with friends, or go for a ride on the bike.

Junior Level 2 Artist


Quote: self-expression is a vital part of understanding life and enjoying it to the fullest

Specialties:  vivid color and textured haircuts

Experience: 3 years as a licensed stylist certified in olaplex systems continuing education from premiere Philadelphia hair show, world of texture hair show 2022

Why work at Headcases? Headcases provides an environment that both caters to the needs of the guests and the stylist, allowing everyone to get the best hair experience they can.

When you're not doing hair you are? I'm either listening to music, playing my guitar, painting, or practicing special effects makeup. I also enjoy spending time outside, and who doesn't love binge watching something?

What to tell people unsure about layers? If you want to try something, you always should. Layers can help add or improve volume to the hair. They are always a nice subtle way to shake things up.



Junior Artist



Why work at Headcases? This place makes you feel like family. The relationship you build with the staff and clients is unlike any other. I also really love the products and colorline we use. Coming to work and not feeling like you're working is the ultimate dream right? Well it's a dream come true at HeadCases.

When you're not doing hair you are? I am a young mother of a beautiful boy, Miran, who is three years old and the wife of a caring husband. In our free time, we like to spend time together walking in the park, shopping, or just sitting on the beach.

What makes you happy as a hairstylist? I love that when making my clients feel good, they are making me feel good in return. I love the ability to make someone look in the mirror and see themselves as someone that is beautiful, confident, and matters to those around them. For them to see what everyone else admires about them inside and out.

My specialities and why I enjoy doing them: I’m a freshly graduated Hair Stylist with good skills and motivation, working on the latest trends. I’m enjoying doing blonde hair, highlights, balayage, styling, updos, and haircuts. I am also a Master Lash Extension Specialist with 2 years experience and Makeup Artist with 4 years experience in Russia.

What's the best hair advice you've ever been given? Here are my simple tips to keep your hair healthy: Brush your hair at the roots daily to stimulate growth. Stop using so much heat, and invest in a good heat protectant. Be careful with ponytails and messy buns. Use silk hair ties and scrunchies. Get haircuts regularly. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner for moisture and use a deep-conditioning mask monthly. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to change up their hairstyle? Don't be afraid to change your hair, because a little change can help when you're in a routine to help you feel refreshed and confident.

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